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Dining Room

There are university cafeterias, bars and canteens. Besides the normal bar service, the cafeterias offer hot and cold sandwiches, and hot meals with at least 7 dishes. Besides the abovementioned, the canteens daily serve a three-course set menu with a choice of two first courses, two second courses and two desserts which includes bread and water. At present, the menu costs 5 € and is self-service in all the establishments.

There are bars in the Science Faculty (in the Physics and Chemistry building, and in the Mathematics building), in the Medicine Faculty and in the university residences Pedro Cerbuna and Santa Isabel. The following buildings have a cafeteria service: Interfaculty Building, Building A of the CPS, the School of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Education. The university canteens are found in the Faculties of Economics and Business Sciences, Law, Arts, Veterinary, in Building C of the CPS and in the School of Social Studies of Zaragoza.

In Huesca, there is a bar service in the Faculty of Human Sciences and of Education and in the University Residence Ramón Acín. The School of Business Studies has a canteen.

In Teruel, there is a bar service in the University Study Centre.

Students may also use the canteen services of the Residences Pedro Cerbuna in Zaragoza, Ramón Acín in Huesca and Pablo Serrano in Teruel, by purchasing a ticket, although it is somewhat more expensive.

There are also soft drink and snack vending machines in almost all the university buildings and centres.

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