(Zaragoza, 8 February - 22 March 2013)

The course is organised jointly by the Cervantes Institute and the Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language of the University of Zaragoza

50 class hours • Enrolment fee for the course: € 385

• This course includes classes in problem areas in Spanish grammar, and in the methodology of teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE).

• The course will take place at weekends (Friday afternoons from 4 pm to 8.30 pm and Saturday mornings from 9 am to 1.30 pm).

• Aims: To provide the necessary grounding enabling students on the course to focus their own education to teaching Spanish as a foreign language. To study in depth the basic aspects of methodology in the teaching of Spanish to foreign students. To analyse resources and strategies for teaching Spanish in the foreign language classroom.

• Aimed at: Spanish and foreign teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. Philology graduates (preferably in Spanish) or final year Philology students (preferably in Spanish) who wish to focus their training on teaching Spanish to foreign students. Given the initial training nature of this course, it is not recommended that people who have attended other similar courses should enrol on the course.

• Students who consistently attend and make full use of the classes will be awarded an approved diploma which can be validated by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon, carrying 5 credits for Permanent Teacher Training qualifications, provided that the students fulfil the requirements established by the competent official bodies.

• The course may be validated as 5 free-choice credits by the University of Zaragoza and by the G9 Group of Universities under the terms and conditions set out by these institutions.

• Attendance is compulsory and absences, regardless of the reason, may not exceed 15% of the total duration of the course (7’5 hours).

• The number of places is limited.

Next edition: February - March 2014