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Experiencias Estudiantes Internacionales


    Aiko F. (Japan)«

    "I have met a lot of people. The most amazing thing is that I am now learning Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi. I would have never imagined I was going to find these in a far away European country such as Spain. I have had the opportunity to compete in another country with the Spanish team. And I am now working in an Aragonese company. My life here is full of surprises."



    Roberto A. (Brazil) «

    "I have been studying Spanish for 8 months now and it will be very useful in my life thanks to the excellence of the teaching team and the proposed contents. Apart from that, the experience of meeting and sharing class with people from so many different countries is very enriching for our world vision; it widens the concept we have about a great variety of peoples and countries"


    Magnus M. ( Sweden )« Rowan W. ( Canada ) «

    "A very good thing about Zaragoza is that everything is near. Monuments, shops, restaurants, etc. are always near. I have been here for 9 months and I can say it has been one of the best experiences in my life. I have also made lots of new friends."

    "I love this city because it is amazing. People here are very nice and welcoming. Zaragoza is a beautiful city with lots of things to see. I like life here very much and I don't want to leave."


    Liao C. (China)«

    "I came to Zaragoza because it was recommended to me by a girl friend. When I arrived I realised it was a beautiful city with a very nice atmosphere. During the day you can visit lots of interesting places. At night you can go out in the “Old Town”, which is always full of people at weekends. And, if you want to learn Spanish, the University of Zaragoza is the perfect place."


    Katharina K. ( Germany )«

    "People in Zaragoza are very friendly, they enjoy meeting you. It's not like in big cities where you are always on your own. Zaragoza is like a small city with lots of Spanish and international students; you soon make new friends. The University of Zaragoza offers many different possibilities to study the language and teachers take time for their students. Coming to Zaragoza is the best decision I have made and I recommend it."



    Kanako D.; Satushi T. ( Japan )«

    "Zaragoza is a very safe city; I mean, I have seen no danger since I arrived. People are friendly and you can see lots of typical things from the country. Being between Madrid and Barcelona it is easy to travel. I chose Zaragoza to learn Spanish."


    Abel Christian D. N. ( Cameroon )« Patricia S. (Germany)«

    "I am in Spain to study International Commerce. I have been here for six months now. I must say that the balance until now is very satisfactory, and that even though I still make mistakes when I speak, people understand me."

    "I am going back to my country in two weeks and I think I am going to miss this city. There are so many things to do here... Besides, I have met people from all around the world: Canada, Japan, USA, China, (Taiwan), Finland ... and much more ..."


    Yu-Seng C. (China)«

    "I came to Zaragoza because of its perfect location between Barcelona and Madrid. At my university nobody had come here. Since I wanted to go to a city that was not so famous among foreigners, I came here."



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